Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fly to Berlin:
Door to door, 8 hours - £230

Sleeper Train to Berlin
Door to door, 15 hours - £165
(plus the cost of lunch - soupe a l'oignon in the Marais watching snow fallng
over Paris)

Yes - I made it through a mad January and all the way to to Berlin for the
Film Festival. It's minus 12 outside, which makes the stone caravan almost
tropical, and the snow looks like falling diamonds.

It's been a trying few weeks - since January 3, when I went to work to find
that our sister company in the US had celebrated the New Year by losing our
domain name (and therefore our email) I have been working 70 hours weeks.
Every week. 50-60 hours a week at the corporate grindstone producing reports
and brochures, 10-20 hours a week writing script draft number 5 in time for
the festival.

Oh - and successfully breaking into the Stone Caravan and fitting the locks.

In comparison navigating transcontinental railways and negotiating a Prussian
winter is as relaxing as a week at the beach!

I'm taking as much time off as I can - sneaking out of the film market to
climb the Pergamon altar, or to gaze at Caspar David Friedrich's Moonrise at

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Which it is a Christmas Tree, triced up and well braced.

So, it wasn't actually up until Christmas Eve, and it came down on Twelve Night, and, apologies for the late posting, but I did manage to assemble a Patrick O'Brian tree, just in time, and get pictures....
(The house isn't mine, btw - one of the reasons why it went up during radio-silence.)
So - there were admirals -
A ship of the line (I suspect it's the Mary Rose...)
Globes and Union Flags (correct from 1801 onwards)
A Nutmeg of Consolation
(I dipped a nutmeg in glue and fine silver glitter and attached it to the stray clasp of a old tree bauble)
And Bonden's own gun....
I couldn't find a sloth - but a venomous platypus seemed the next best option - and here he is, contesting ownership of a duff with Testudo Aubreii
There were also ship's biscuits - made much as I suspect the originals were - and marked with the broad arrow -
These are about 2cm squared, baked in an aga overnight - alas, the photo of them on the tree hasn't come out.
I'm pleased to say it met with the approval of a Royal Marine who dropped in on New Year's Eve, and has offered to help me start a collection for a Peninsula tree - so Jack can share honours with Dick Sharpe next year.
Sorry it took so long to post (- rather like a serial letter to Sophie...)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Homeless - I lost the keys to the cottage...

... somewhere, somehow, somewhen... out of the pocket of a big coat borrowed
by two people and finally found (sans keys) in a neighbours house.

A locksmith is required - one who doesn't mind climbing the last mile to the

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Plot point solved

The real breakthrough was recognising the problem in the first point - for
which I have to thank Scrivener, which I only installed a few weeks ago.
Being able to break the outline down into smaller and smaller units without
having to juggle dozens of new documents was the key to identifying the lack
of jeopardy in the third act, and start the process of finding a solution.

And as is almost always the case, solution is to be found somewhere in the
very first drafts of the story ...

In other news - the office Intern had the classic office party experience. He
can't actually remember exactly what happened, but it involved the MDs PA,
being delivered home at 1am in a bicycle rickshaw, and waking face down in the
hallway to find his girl friend stepping over him with her suitcase packed
after waiting for him to come home for dinner since 6pm the previous day.

I've made him tea.